Thursday, January 24, 2013

We live in an amazing world full of amazing people and technologies. We are surrounded by natural beauty. The sky covers us like a blue blanket during the day and a wonderful dark blue tent sprinkled with the light of the cosmos at night. I am always seeking that new thing that is unknown to me. That will fill me with wonder and fulfill me as I gain the knowledge of it. I know there are terrible things in the world and I'm not ignoring them. I just choose to focus on the beauty that surrounds me. I love the voices of women and the laughter of children. The songs the birds sing and the buzz of the bees. All of the color of the flowers and diversity of the plants and the trees. What a wonderful thing life is and even more so when we choose to enjoy it. People who know me know that when someone asks me where I am from I'm most likely to say Earth, I am an Earthling. I love this planet and I urge all who read this to love Earth as much as I do. Enjoy it as much as possible. Take care of it and nurture it. Help me to heal it. Life, live it!

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