Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If This Bird Can Do It So Can I!

On Affilipede we have a page, called “About Affilipede” and on it is a video of a bird doing something amazing!

We live in the era of experts! The guru’s all tell us what to buy and what to do and then we’re just supposed to go do it. Right?

Well what if sales isn’t really that complicated? I’m no guru, but I am a sales expert! I could sell a fisherman that lives in the Arctic Circle a freezer to keep his fish in even if it was blizzarding!


Because I know that you never sell the product or service, you sell the benefit! 

When someone tries to sell you a new cell phone service do you buy it because you like the phone? Probably not. If they tell you that you’ll get better reception and a reduced price with more services though, you probably will! That is benefit.

None of that matters if you arent’t persistent,  we put this video on Affilipede because the bird in the video is the epitome of persistence!

His persistence pays off! That bird is an inspiration to me, I am moved by his skill, I want to be as good at my sales pitch as that bird is at what he does! He doesn’t have a computer, he doesn’t look like he was trained by a guru either.

I do customer service, business and sales training. Yes, I’m going to say it! I’m also one of the greats. I learned from the best to become the best and I won’t settle for less! 

Do you need proof? 

Go to my Business Services pages and read about me!

My son and partner Nathanial is an amazing human being, if you don’t believe me go to his website Biosphere at http://biosphere-science.weebly.com and see for yourself.

We built Affilipede together and we run it together. We want the people we do business with to make money. We want you to make money and then come back and post it on our blog, Affiliblog!

Tell the world you got what you needed from two of the greats! Become one yourself, be persistent!

Remember, those who want to succeed find a way, those who don’t find an excuse!

I urge you to go to Affilipede, click on the “About Affilipede” page button and watch the video, I know that you will enjoy it and hopefully, like me you will also be inspired by it!

I am a motivated and skilled marketing executive with extensive management, sales and customer service experience. I do customer service and sales training, advertising and business consulting. I can be reached through my website.~ Affilipede where people who want to make money on the Internet come to learn how! http://www.affilipede.com/ 

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